Why You Should Send Best Samples for Product Photography

Send your best samplesOur mission is to provide you with the most awesome photos of your product that we can possibly take.  That said, we do need a little help from you.

Our cameras, lenses and lighting can reveal even the tiniest flaws with your products and packaging, and while we generally retouch problems that are easy to fix, we would like to ask that you look closely at the product(s) you’d like us to photograph and make sure you’re sending your best sample(s).

If your products have labels on them (e.g. personal care products, supplements, etc.) make sure they’re straight and don’t have visible bubbles, dust or dirt under them.  And please package your products very carefully so they don’t get scuffed, scratched or damaged in transit.

Lastly, be aware that if your product is shipping from another location such as Amazon.com, it may arrive like the product shown here that we recently received.

So just take a moment to take a close look at what you’re sending.  If you can spot a flaw, our cameras will be able to spot it as well.

And yes, a client actually had this product sent to us directly from Amazon FBA so if all of your inventory is at a fulfillment center you might want to have a couple samples sent to you first so you can verify that they look the way you want them to look.

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