How to Place An Order

If your products are shipping from a fulfillment center such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), click here. Otherwise, please follow the steps below.

  1. Print out a product photography order form.
  2. Complete the order form and place it in a box with your products. Make sure they’re packaged well to avoid damage in transit, and please make sure to select your finest-looking samples (i.e. without crooked labels, lots of scratched, bubbles under the labels, etc.).
  3. Ship or bring your products and order form to us.
Option 1 – UPS OR FEDEX
Packages from UPS or FedEx can ship directly to our studio…

Upgraded Images
299 N. Altadena Drive
Pasadena, CA 91107

Please do not select weekend or early-morning delivery since we are only open from 10am to 6pm weekdays.

Option 2 – USPS
Please send all USPS packages, regardless of size, to our mailing address…

Upgraded Images
530 S. Lake Ave., #257
Pasadena, CA 91101

Why? Because USPS generally makes their delivery attempts before we arrive at our studio.

Option 3 – DROP-OFF

If you’re located within driving distance of our studio, feel free to drop by with your products during normal business hours (10am-6pm, M-Th; 10am-4pm, Fr). We recommend that you call first to let us know that you’re on your way. Please don’t forget to bring your completed Order Form. Our entrance is right on the corner of Altadena Drive and White Street. Please note that you will need to leave your products with us. We do not shoot while you wait.

Once We Receive Your Products

Shortly after we have your products and instructions, we will begin photographing your products. When we are finished, your edited images will be posted to a secure website for you to review. Once approved, we will request payment through our payment page. Once a payment notification has been received, we will post unprotected and un-copyrighted versions of the images for you to download at your leisure and ship your products back to you. We will store the images online for four months and archive them after that.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the images you receive, we’ll photograph them again at no charge. If you still aren’t thrilled, just agree that you will not use the images, and we won’t charge you for them.