Product Photography Pricing

Our Pricing Packages

To accommodate the needs of our clients, we have developed the following pricing packages:

Take Me Online™ and Take Me Everywhere™

Pricing for both product photography packages is for images photographed individually against a white background and available for approval within 3 to 7 business days.

Package Descriptions


With this package you’ll receive white-background product photos that are ready to be used on your website or on popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Shopify, and many more.


Includes everything from the Take Me Online™ package plus a much larger version (minimum of 3,000 pixels large) of each product with high-resolution (300dpi) print settings.  

This package is ideal for catalogs, brochures or any other printed media where print-ready product photography is requested.

Per-Photo Pricing

Number of Photos*
Take Me Online™
Take Me Everywhere™
1 to 5

$30.00 Per Photo

$36.00 Per Photo

6 to 25

$25.00 Per Photo

$30.00 Per Photo

26 to 99

$21.00 Per Photo

$25.00 Per Photo


$17.00 Per Photo

$21.00 Per Photo

Pricing for both product photography packages is for images photographed individually against a white background and available for approval within 3 to 7 business days.  

*Multiple photos of the same product are priced separately. e.g. If we photograph the front of a product and the back of the same product separately, that is counted as two photos.

Optional Services

$10.00 Per Photo

Rush service charge is the same for the Take Me Online™ and Take Me Everywhere™ packages. Delivery time with Rush Service is one to two business days as opposed to the regular 3 to 7 business day delivery time. Please contact us first to make sure our schedule will allow Rush Service for your order.  It is highly recommended that you send Rush orders directly to the studio via UPS, FedEx or in-person delivery as opposed to shipping to our USPS address. If possible, please write the word "RUSH" prominently on the outside of the box.

$3.00 Per Photo

Click here for a description of our Clipping Path option.

$60.00 Per Hour

If a significant amount of time is required to assemble your products prior to the photo shoot, we reserve the right to request an assembly charge of $60/hour charged in 15 minute increments. Please note that this will only be charged with your approval and in situations where assembly is unexpected or particularly time-consuming, e.g. gift baskets which arrive in separate components, numerous items shipped in pieces due to shipping concerns, etc.

We very rarely impose this charge.

$10.00 Per Order (Regardless of number of products)

Free if you send the USB drive. 

Contact Us For Quote

A group shot is an image in which multiple products are photographed at once. Due to lighting concerns, some products might require individual photos to accommodate each product’s lighting requirements, which is why an individual quotation is requested.

Options for returning your products after the shoot are as follows:

  • You can provide a return shipping label
  • You can provide us with your UPS or FedEx account number
  • We can ship the products through our shipping account and add the cost to your invoice
  • You can pick up the products in person
  • We can donate or discard the products at your request
  • We can store your products for up to three months (see "Product Storage" below)

$20 per square foot of shelf space (rounded up) per month.

Billed monthly. No charge for products stored fewer than 30 days after completed images have been posted. Products can be held for a maximum of three months after which they will be donated. Honestly, we hope to never have to impose this charge, but we have often had projects sit on our shelves for months on end even though we’ve made every effort to try to get their owners to pick them up or let us ship them back. Our studio is large, but we have limited shelf space and really need the room for active projects.

Got Clothing?

If your main offering is apparel, you’ll want to head on over to our clothing division at  We are true experts at ghost mannequin and flat lay photography and are ready to work with clients of all sizes.  Just pick a styling option and leave the rest to us.

Isn’t It Time for You to Upgrade Your Images?

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