Why we have a separate USPS address

PLEASE make sure to use the appropriate address on our order form (also found on our order page, on our contact page and in our online order form confirmation email).  Here’s why…

If you send your package to our studio address by USPS (First Class mail, Priority Mail, parcel post, etc), there is a good chance that the mail carrier will arrive before we open at 10am or on a weekend.  If they do arrive during business hours, they often won’t wait for us to answer the door.  When that happens, they will pick one of the following options:

1) They will place your order in the USPS mailbox that has no lock, is a few feet away from a busy sidewalk, and is nearly 100 feet from our studio entrance.

2) They will hold onto the package at the local post office that has an average wait time of over one full hour.


Thank you!