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Excellent Product Photos Sell More Products
Ship or bring your products to us.
We'll photograph your products and post the edited images to your own client directory.
Review your images and let us know if you'd like us to make any changes to any of them.
Once you're thrilled with your images, pay your invoice through our website or by check, and we'll deliver your images and return your products.

What Makes Us Different?
All we do all day long is take excellent product photos and product animations of all types of products against a white background. Having taken over 100,000 photos for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, we're incredibly efficient at what we do. With a small staff and a fairly small product photography studio located 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, we are able to keep our overhead and our prices very low.

But pricing is where the difference stops. Our quality is as good or better than that of studios that charge much more, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Los Angeles Area Product Photographer

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If you sell products online or through catalogs, you already know the importance of excellent product photography. You probably also know that taking great product photos with proper lighting can be very challenging. And if you've been lucky enough to even find product photography pricing on other websites, you know that the average professional product photography studio charges more than many online store owners can afford. Despite these obstacles, the harsh truth is that there is no excuse for posting less-than-perfect photos of products you expect someone to purchase from you rather than from your competitors.

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