So Many Product Photographers!

Seriously!  Where Did All These Product Photographers Come From?!

Product photographers holding signs

Picture this (pun intended)…

It’s the year 2020.  You’re a wedding photographer, a portrait photographer or anyone else who photographs people, and a global pandemic comes along.  You’re suddenly faced with the following:

  • You can’t be face-to-face with clients.
  • You’ve got hundreds maybe thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment.
  • The world may have been put on pause but your bills haven’t.
  • Most stores are closed, but eCommerce is suddenly booming.

What do you do?

For many photographers, the solution seemed obvious…  Become a product photographer

Most professions require schooling, certification, licensing or at least some proven training, but the truth is that all it takes to be a product photographer is to have access to a camera and tell people you’re a product photographer.  That’s great for someone looking to become a product photographer but very challenging for someone looking to hire a product photographer.

Hold on a second!

This post is about to turn into a sales pitch, isn’t it?  Oh man, I’m totally doing it again, aren’t I?  It’s like I can’t even talk without switching the story to how great Upgraded Images is.  You know… like how we’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos since 2005 for thousands of really awesome clients.  Or how after almost two decades of doing nothing but product and clothing photography I still absolutely love my job and am thrilled to come to the studio every day to work alongside a full staff of talented and tremendously cool photographers, stylists and editors!

Well I suppose there’s no turning back now, so here it comes.  Ready??

OK, I seriously need to see someone about this.  Carry on.  -Ken

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